13 September 2021

The Benefits of Crystals

What are energy channels?

energy channels are streams of energy such as blood, sweat, and nerve cords that carry energy from one point to the other. They are most commonly seen as an energetic gap that can be seen as an observable energy line across a body.

Crystals are formed all over the world in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours but they all have a certain specific purpose and a specific purpose which is energy. They are pieces of the earth’s crystalline structure that have been shaped through many processes to carry specific stones and have then been placed in a crucible to release its energy and analyze its properties.

How does this science work?

How does the science of Crystal Therapy work? As explained to us by science, no one question can ever be answered with complete accuracy. The factors that affect the healing of anyone are the same factors that affect the healing of crystals. Crystals and minerals that have been used to heal have been put through many interpretations of possible causes and models to fit each individual’s requirement. Some stones and crystals are used as medical instruments, others have been used in and around the body to aid healing by energies and vibrations. Often the most important aspect of the healing process is the connection of the healer to the crystal.

That’s because crystals and minerals absorb energy vibrations that are being directed to a specific point on the body and this energy is then passed on to the person who is having the healing. Unlike your traditional doctor who takes you in and gives you a medicine that they believe works, a crystal healer will use whatever methods they can find to carry out the healing process.

That’s what leads to COST. Even though a person doesn’t have to pay for the healing, it still benefits them in many Ways. For example, they will feel better, they will have less pain from emotional problems and they will have emotional healing as well. It also helps to release energies from the past and present and this in itself can be a healing process.

How cost effective are they in healing?

cost can vary anywhere from free to thousands of dollars. Photos and readings are all free. However, the Master safely and carefully injects them into your aura (energy field). This marks you as authentically as possible and sets you apart from all others. He abides in your belief system, he knows your pain, he helps you clear out unseen energies from your present and past lives and he also can help you find the love you are seeking. This confers a powerful healing presence that is difficult to catch.

exams may be forgiven on the first few attempts but as you practice and confidence is gained the grey hair will slowly be replaced with grey hair.

Are we then potentially destined to undergo karmic changes?

There is definitely a chance that as a result of an offense one can be subjected to the bend of the laws of karma. However, the karma pathways are man made and therefore should not be viewed as divine. Any karmic sensitive of the teachings of the kirliancosm will easily see through the artifice of the karmic laws to their true intent. Every single individual has brought some baggage upon their own path with them and in order to avoid additional suffering they should wisely eye their inner guidance as to not to incur additional karma.

Unfortunately, some people seem to think that they are exempt from the karmic laws and that they do not have to karma themselves. They give lectures on how bad they were, or words of encouragement to other degenerated souls. They tell other stories of how they beat the odds, cheated fate and created their reality.

All of those teachings are denying the karmic laws that are in place, many of which are man-made, therefore, they can not and will not change. The only way to go against the karmic laws is to realize, and accept, that those teachings are true and that they are in fact changing some people’s lives for the better. Is that not the true purpose of the human experience? So that the truth can be seen for both the teacher and the students.

In short, no one is perfect and all people are not on the same path. Stated simply, there are some people who are moving on their life’s path and are thus called negative. Their life’s path is however, progressing to the positive. However, all of us are somewhere in the process of moving to our life’s purpose, we are all evolving and we all have many influences that affect our creation of reality.

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